WSYC location Information The limits are from Dove Point Groyne at the north-east end to Hilbre Point boundary at Red Rocks (south-west). The Hilbre Point boundary marks the start of nesting and feeding grounds for sea birds (west of the boundary) and should be avoided. Red Rocks to the south-west are easy to locate, but the north-eastern boundary is a little more tricky, especially when you are a considerable distance away from the sea wall. Dove Point is before the Leasowe Lighthouse (not shown on the map) which has recently been given a new coat of bright white paint. Looking from the sea towards the land, if you look along the sea wall to the right of the Lighthouse, you will see two vertical metal poles of approx 5 metres. This is the Dove Point Groyne. You are advised to stay well away from the groyne as it has a sewage outlet close by. The effluent discharges into a gully which leads almost directly north, and well away from our sailing boundaries. No sailing is permitted within the first 300 metres of the sea wall. Home Club Membership Visitors Location Rules Events Photo Videos Facebook Sailing Conditions Tide Information Googl Calendar Weather Wirralcam Beach Hazards